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If you’re a passionate entrepreneur who loves connecting with other people to make really amazing things happen, you are more than likely an ideal client for me.

I work one-on-one with clients in the capacity of Digital Strategist. I work with clients to figure out their goals, create a big picture vision and break the vision down into actionable steps.

This is where most digital strategist’s work ends and clients are left feeling overwhelmed and grasping at straws to make those actionable steps happen.

Once we have the actionable steps defined, my amazingly brilliant and talented team provides support with website design, graphic design, copywriting, social media support, administrative support, online marketing and product and service development.

Strategy and guidance combined with full service support and all under one roof.

There are a few different ways to engage our services, given that we offer so many solutions, and I have explained those below.

We are also open to creating a custom solution for you so if you have a specific need or request please schedule a consult with us over on our Contact page.


Next Dev Media: Full-Service Digital Agency

service2Do you need support with your marketing, branding, social media or day-to-day business operations?

Next Dev Media is a full-service digital agency that provides a one-stop shop for its online-focused clients. Having serviced over 300 businesses in the last ten years, Next Dev Media knows what it means to succeed in a digitally focused landscape and how to stand out from the crowd.

Next Dev Media’s client base includes A-List Hollywood celebs, big brands such as Ford, 3M, Travelocity, The Body Shop, Disney, Ogilvy, Alliance Films, and small businesses – everything from solo entrepreneurs to startups to those just beginning to grow a support team.

Next Dev Media’s primary services include website design and development, digital and brand strategy, social media and administrative support as well as online business management – a service whereby the company takes on the role of virtual COO for businesses around the globe.

Next Dev Media has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Chatelaine Magazine, ABC, NBC, CTV and more.

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Digital Strategy Sessions for Entrepreneurs (Virtual or In-Person)

service1Stuck in a rut? Overwhelmed by the multitude of choice and direction online?

These sessions are perfect if you need to hone in on a particular area of your online business or if you want to work through a specific problem. The longer sessions can also be used to work through your marketing plan, develop a product or service idea or create a launch plan for your next big thing.

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Digital Strategy Consulting for Corporations (Virtual or In-Person)


Looking to leverage the power of new media for your corporation?

If your corporation is looking to come online and you need some guidance and a trusted advisor to help you do so, I can help. With over ten years of online experience working with some of the top brand names in the world (Disney, Microsoft Canada and Ford, to name a few), I can give your company the insight it needs to have a powerful impact on the Internet.

Whether social media, direct marketing or process strategy for streamlining your business’ operations, I can help.

Since this work is custom developed to each client, I recommend scheduling a consult to discuss.

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