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My daughter and I were snuggled up on the couch, watching a movie, and I remembered back to the morning when we were in the throes of lunch-making, backpack packing and snowsuit donning. I had been grouchy and impatient and felt a bit tired and all of those feelings translated into me being a bit frustrated with Willow. “Hurry up, Willow!” I exclaimed as she was dancing around singing instead of putting her boots on. “Mommy doesn’t have all day, you know. I have work I need to do and you need to be at school!” Hats on. Mitts on. Teeth brushed. Hustle to the car. Seat belt on. Backpack on seat. Drop off at school. Business hat on. Focus, focus, focus. The hustle of the morning and how terribly I felt about the way I had rushed Willow out the door and off to school nagged at my conscious

Human connection. We’ve gone to war for it, fallen in love for it, killed for it and died for it. Now, more than ever, we have an opportunity to connect with each other in mere seconds. Text messages, phone calls, e-mail, Facebook messages, Tweets and Instagram photos. If we want to reach out to anyone at any point in our day, we can. We are connected through every cable, wire and WiFi signal in whatever part of the world we live in. Except we have forgotten how to connect with each other on a human level. We have replaced coffee and tea dates with Skype calls. Text messages for phone calls. Three line e-mails for hand-written letters. The binary code stripping away much of the emotion, leaving gaps and holes for miscommunication. Our blog posts replacing deep, meaningful conversations where we have to look someone in the eye and feel something. Our screens

Change is hard. There’s no sugarcoating it — change is tough to do, it requires a constant commitment and it requires action. There can be, at times, no immediate reward that is tangibly felt as a result of the change, which can cause some people to lose their motivation and give up. Defeated before they even begin. Change can be easier to embrace if you look at it as one small choice followed by another.  Change, for me, is simply one small choice followed by another followed by another. Where you want to end up may seem light years away from you but how else do you plan on getting there if you don’t start to modify your behaviour and actions one small step at a time? Let’s say you want to be a better spouse / partner. Perhaps you feel like being the “ultimate” spouse is impossible for you, particularly if you compare